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Monday, February 7, 2011

The best valentine's gift.

Hmmm, as we speak, valentine's day is around the corner, like one week go to. For people who got partner, good for ya and play hard. >.>. For singles, keep searching. Ok, so, I was thinking about Valentine's day as what gift will be the best present for your partner or dinner. Some may suggest the usual things, movie, dinner at some nice look out point, flowers, chocolate, cards, bags or some custom/lingerie that your partner wants you put on it or a normal date to somewhere i-dont-really-know and so on. As for me? Haha, i think i gonna spend alone, which i think is kinda alright. Or if lucky then might get someone. Dont worry bother. those thing starting bother me and remind me of my financial budget when going out to date. Lol. Anyhow, I think the best valentine's gift i could suggest, yes, its my opinion, its base on my thoughts, sensation, perception, and attitude maybe?. Hahas, Sorry those are marketing term in consumer behaviour, it still running around my head since I just finish my exam today. Ok back to topic. I have this drive about a month ago, I was thinking of getting a pair of shoes for Chinese New Year. However, i can't any shoes suit me online (I found out that designers dont really make shoes during winter, hmm. maybe want to enjoy holiday as well or starting the next season collection, hmm) and i dont really have time for shopping since I got summer school and exams. T.T. So, i skipped the idea of buying a new pair of shoes. But still carry in mind that to get a pair of shoe after chinese new year or the following event. Tillllll, last week, i found out a shoe that i really want. Simple, timeless and hype. Can you guess it? Start with C. No, not Clot. Yes! It's CDG, Comme des Garcons having a collaboration with converse. They bringing it the new Converse x Comme des Garcons Jack Purcell for this year. Last year, they release the chuck taylor version but base on my opinion, I prefer Jack Purcell series, maybe about of the smile in front of that shoes? hahas, ok, my glance of this shoe was about a week ago. In some blog that sell street wear. And, base on the info, its coming out end of this February, too bad by that time Valentine's day and Chinese New Year is over. But birthday is coming soon. :D. So, hmm, i will show you some of the picture before we move on.

This shoes come with both black and beige colour, together with low and high cut. Looks pretty nice, and decent for me. I think getting of those shoes is quite good. Timeless especially, never get out of trend and I never really purchase a converse before. This might be my first and last converse shoe I gonna purchase in my life. Lol. Ok, maybe in a decade? @@. As for valentine's day, I think this would be a good gift from someone to someone, it will be good that both of the partners have wearing the same shoes and date around. You know, instead of chocolates and flower everywhere and not something more contrast or special. and it got a HEART logo placed on it. Pretty nice, eh? I saw a few couple wearing this shoe and I think is pretty nice. And not much people are willing to purchase it. The damage is quite high. Well, if you planning to spend to 1k for an dinner as a gift with flower, recommend you to get this. Ok, I think i am putting too much influence in this thing. >.> CDG shirt sounds cool as well. Hahas, anyway, I think i gonna grab those pair around March as my birthday present for myself. (- -). Time to go now. Peace. And cheers.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!! and Happy New Year

Hey How are ya lately? Hows CNY? Alot of ang pao? Hope you all are enjoying it cause it only happen once a year. A lot people saying that Chinese New Year is quite boring this year, and i think is same every year, wearing red, reunion dinner, countdown, fireworks, collecting ang pao, and gain a few kg. Most important is still spending some quality time together with your family. Going out around with family, visit other families, watch movie together and thats the best tradition i ever had. Haha. For me, they are not getting any younger either do i. Time we meet will be lesser and lesser. Lol. Next.

Hmm, this is consider my first post in 2011. Why so slow? Hmm, summer school, Christmas, CNY and exams. huhu. And my blog is not dead. :D. Hmm. New year resolution? dont really one or a list of it. Dont really bother about it. Huhu.

Anyhow, well update more. And, Chinese New Year last for 15 days!! Enjoy the rest of Chinese new year eventho you got work, studies or other things to do. Hahas. Not just that, Valentine's day is around the corner. :D. Hope you all find a great partner to celebrate with. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


作詞:KZ, 陸永 作曲:陸永
到底 邊一刻 邊一分 邊一秒 開始變大人
我只要 啪多支 啪多支 先可以 再度重生

當然能夠 飯來將口 繑埋雙手
今日流住眼淚留唔住 女朋友
大人 負責 負責任
記得細個果陣 我只係負責發問
做咗大人 身邊多咗小人
事事要小心 冇得做 蠟筆小新
好憎 自己冇晒天真
好心 咪再嗌我先生
我嗌句 好快趣 我就會三十歲

我要打 打 打多D BOTOX
我要返 返 返 返番最初
歲月光陰之中穿梭 但童年得一個

當初細個 一開心就唱歌
細個我嘅伴侶 係一堆玩具
大人唔再發夢 唔再相信多啦A夢
唔再需要叮噹想做king kong
成年人嘅身體喺心底 係細蚊仔

我要打 打 打多D BOTOX
我要返 返 返 返番最初
歲月光陰之中穿梭 但童年得一個

到底 邊一刻 邊一分 邊一秒開始變大人
我只要 啪多支 啪多支 先可以 再度重生

唔想呈現老態 好想D皺紋冇晒?
一把年紀最怕 肌肉退化
勤做孖屎咁至 可以保持肌膚緊緻
唔想呈現老態 好想D 皺紋冇晒

冇計要變大 副計要變壞 變老鬼

Friday, December 31, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010


我從小不會說話 總會說些不該說的話 也沒辦法
我知道我是傻瓜 我不是說情話的專家 別怪我

我搞不懂 要不是這條小小的蟲
可不可這樣跟你相擁 我真的很沒用

感覺好奇怪 好像 傷害了誰
或許我太壞 把小蟲摔下來 去換你的愛

小蟲也有牠用途 牠用自己摔下的痛苦 換我幸福
也許相愛是這樣 有人快樂就有人受傷 別緊張

像我這樣 那麼平凡一張大眾臉
可是在人來人往之間 卻有小蟲還我心願

感覺好奇怪 好像 傷害了誰
或許我太壞 把小蟲摔下來 去換你的愛

謝謝你心意 我會好好待你
保護著你 帶你看天地
下次如果看見女孩子 別再猶豫
你趕快跑到她外衣 讓我表現自己

感覺好奇怪 好像 傷害了誰
或許我太壞 把小蟲摔下來 去換你的愛

對不起 對不起 對不起 對不起 對不起 對不起 對不起

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas.

Hello, merry christmas to you all :D. Hope you guys have a great day. For those who in love, enjoy the sweet moment. For those who are still waiting, enjoy with friends and family :D. Enjoy going out and have gathering with friends and family. Enjoy opening and ripping the present a part. xD. Enjoy and enjoy.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hii, I am here again. @@. and I gonna upload some of the things i get in HK more specifically since someone say that this is not the tee and what I got in there. So, was you can u see the title, gonna post the cloths i bought. Hmm, the angle and resolution will be that nice because was tired and take it quickly. So.....
Izzue Tee
Neighborhood x Izzue Printed Tee
Neighborhood x Izzue Printed Tee
Clot x Playboy Condom Play safe tee (it has secret pocket inside)
Clot x Subcrew IMSOTIREDOFIZM tee.
and some jeans.

so thats all. Done with Chinese New Year cloths and Christmas. Hope you guys have a nice day. :D.